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Our Services

Bath Package: Includes a Spa facial scrub, shampoo, conditioner, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and brush out.

Mini Groom Package: Includes the bath package, a light scissoring of any unruly feathering and a face, feet, and sanitary trim.

Full Groom Package: Includes a bath package and a full-stylized haircut or shave down.

  • Prices are given as “quote only” until the dog can be assessed in person. Price will be affected by the desired haircut, coat condition, weight and temperament.
  • All bathes are given with our HydroSurge 5.1 bathing system.  This system speeds up the bathing process while giving dogs an invigorating massage as well!

DeShed Treatment:  A three-step process to remove unwanted shedding hair.  This process includes a soaking bath in our Oxy-DeShed shampoo and conditioner, a high-velocity blowout and a brush out.  This service is a perfect alternative to shaving to reduce shedding.  It is especially effective for double-coated breeds such as Labradors, Australian Shepard’s and German Shepard’s.

Nail Caps:   These glue-on plastic caps effectively blunt your dog’s nails so their ability to scratch surfaces is significantly reduced.  They are also highly effective for dogs who damage themselves scratching due to skin conditions and for the protection of your own skin should your dog jump on you!

  • Nail Caps Front Feet: $15
  • Nail Caps All Four Feet:  $25

Add-on and individual services

Nail Trim: $8

Nail Trim/Filing: $12

Ear cleaning: $6

Ear cleaning/plucking: $12

Dental Care: $6

Flea treatment: $10

Medicated shampoo: $5

Hot Oil Treatment: $10-$15

Meet The Groomer

Jessica Brambhatt is a graduate of the International Academy of Pet Design.  She has been grooming professionally since 2006.  Prior to that she was the manager of a boarding kennel for 3 years and a veterinarian technician for two years. She is certified in Pet CPR/First Aid. She regularly attends grooming workshops and seminars and in 2014, was placed 5th out of 100 competitors in the Atlanta Pet Fair’s Rescue Rodeo, an extreme makeover grooming competition.

She owns two dogs, Willie, and Sparky and a horse, Whistler.

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