2475 Jefferson Rd #100, Athens, GA 30607

Pricing and Policies

All prices are given as “quote only” until your dog can be assessed in person.  Some things that may affect the price of your dog’s groom are weight, coat condition, and the amount of hair you want to leave on your dog.  Longer and more complicated haircuts will cost more.

Aggressive Dogs

Because the risk of injury to both the groomer and your dog is too great, we do not accept aggressive dogs for grooming. If you have a aggressive dog that requires grooming, we recommend seeking a groomer based out of a vet office in the event your dog may need a sedative to complete the grooming process.

Elderly/Disabled Dogs

We happily accept elderly dogs for grooming who are in reasonably good health. However, if your dog has any serious medical conditions that can be aggravated by stress, we recommend having your dog groomed at your vets office in the event that your dog may need medical treatment.  Dogs who have recently had surgery must wait until all stitches are removed and has received clearance from your vet to be groomed.  We cannot accept any dog with stitches.

What to expect

The grooming process can take several hours.  Please give your dog ample opportunity to use the bathroom before you bring them.  We also recommend feeding your dog either a light meal or withholding feeding immediately before your appointment to prevent digestive upset. You are more than welcome to bring some treats and toys for your dog!

Please bring your dog in on a leash or in a carrier.  Please retract all Flexi-Leads to a four-foot length to prevent tangling or potential fighting.  Our salon is located in a busy shopping center, so make sure those collars are tight!